92276 Injection Box Pultrusion

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Need five years in pultrusion. Must be familiar with Injection Box Pultrusion. Attractive compensation with significant bonus. Company in business for over 50 years with… Read More ›

#92269 Composites Engineer Job

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Knowledge in composites especially filament winding, (5 to 10 years ideal) but we can teach what they need to know. BS Mechanical Engineering or Manufacturing… Read More ›

#92270 Composites Manufacturing Engineer Job

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Company is a producer of composite materials including filament wound epoxy/fiberglass, cast epoxy resin, and densified wood for a wide variety of markets including the… Read More ›

Candidate 44929 BS MET Product Development Candidate


Twelve years experience in pultrusion and RTM type processes. Large composite parts. Works well with customers and leads group in his company. Lives in Midwest. … Read More ›

45592 BS/MS Mechanical Engineer Candidate


BS/MS Mechanical Engineering Six years filament winding experience Large and small diameter products. Eleven years total experience. Will need about $130K. Will relocate for strong… Read More ›

44542 Business Development Pultrusion Candidate

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Candidate 44542 . . . –   Has a BS Mechanical Engineering Degree with a graduate diploma in CAD/CAM and an MBA. –   Has just over… Read More ›

92264 Lead Composites Engineer Northern CA, job

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What is the title of the position? Lead Composites Engineer/Composites Engineer What are the three most important functional tasks this person will perform? Composite part… Read More ›

92263 Sales Manager Tanks and Pipe Job

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Manufacturer of Tank and Pipes Dual Laminate Products Sell to chemical and other manufacturer like Dow Dupont At least five years sales of FTP products… Read More ›

92254 Pultrusion Manufacturing Engineering Manager Job

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Southeastern US. Ability to coach young Engineers to be strong in pultrusion. Ability to formulate thermoset resins. Three new products under development. Four year technical… Read More ›

45534 Technical Sales Representative Composite Materials Candidate

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45534 Technical Sales Representative Composite Materials and Parts  WCandidate BS Materials Science from an excellent US School with solid GPA. On-site experience with large US aerospace… Read More ›