#92349  Lead Technician Composites Parts Manufacturer Southern California.    Preferably but not necessarily bi-lingual (Spanish/English).  This a key position and critical to company’s success.

Will have about  20 reports (and growing to about 25) 50/50 temp/regular.  Excellent salary plus about 10 hours per week OT at time and one-half with excellent benefits.  Will be helping lead production of diverse aerospace product line using compression molding, clam shell molding and other processes.  Some parts are for new planes.  Others are on more mature planes. Each day will be different so if you want to be in a routine every day this job is not for you. They want diverse composites experience but no one will know all processes involved, so they will spend some time to train the right person.  Current incumbent is leaving of his own volition, but he will be around till the end of the year working part-time and will be available so you can learn from him.  Company sales are growing healthily.  Company in business over 50 years.  You will be hiring initially so they will hire a leader who can train others.

Company had no layoffs due to Covid. They had attrition due to normal reasons, but did not do layoffs.

Contact me at 225-273-4001 or by email at dkharris@forcomposites.com 

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