1. What is the title of the position?  Sales Engineer
  2. What are the three most important functional tasks this person will perform?  Develop new business, defend and grow existing business, build relationships with customers.
  3. Background of successful hires? Why successful? The person who previously held the job?  Strong door opening and relationship building skills.
  4. Background of the person you seek?  5-10 years in Industrial sales experience of custom manufactured technical products.
  5. Education required? Desirable? Minimum education?  Prefer college education or directly relevant experience
  6. Personality type which would fit in well?  A team player who is self-motivated, does whatever is needed to succeed, and does not have to be closely supervised.  Needs to be accountable and responsible.
  7. What outcomes must be achieved in this position and within what time frame?  5-7% Sales growth within 2 years of hire
  8. Promotional opportunity? Time frame?  Director of Sales 5-6 years
  9. What is the sizzle? Why would an outstanding person want this position?  Opportunity to make a real impact at a small company with a lot of potential for growth.  Get to influence projects from start to finish
  10. Company Sales $5-10MM. We will provide web site where you can learn about company.
  11. What industries do you serve? What market factors affect your business, and what effect are they having lately?  High voltage electrical, defense, medical transportation, and miscellaneous industrial applications.  We have a good reputation in these industries but need to be better at actively seeking new sales opportunities.
  12. Are there any companies from which you would not want to recruit because of special business relationships or such things? Where would you want us to recruit? What are the weaknesses of these companies which might make someone consider looking elsewhere?  Any composite company is fair game but will need to evaluate employers as we get applicants.
  13. Travel? (100% is four nights per week.)  30-50% and can work from home for the rest.  No need to report to an office unless for team building, meetings or training.
  14. Works with/Sells to: OEM, Industrial, Engineers.
  15. What staff will this person have, and how will they fit into the organization?  Will have an inside sales/CS person and a team of 2-3 others in Sales.
  16. People work for people. To whom will the candidate report?  Will report to the president who has been in the plastics and composites industry for over 30 years.  2 years with the company. BS Mechanical Engineer.  Loves the small company atmosphere as it allows more responsibility and impact on the business.
  17. What makes this person a good boss?  Not a micromanager so the right person can grow as an individual.
  18. Interview process? 1st time virtual, 2nd onsite with all leaders (6 people), possible interview with management board, reference check.  President makes offer.
  19. When do you need this person to be on board?  Immediately
  20. What other sources are you currently using to fill this position, and what other sources are you planning to use?  Used Indeed and Linked in but not active now.
  21. What are the weaknesses of your own company, and how do we overcome them?  Need to promote accountability and responsibility more with a focus on results and the direction the President wants to take the company.  Employees were too reliant on previous management.
  22. Why don’t you fill this position internally?  No one has the right skills
  23. What sort of company benefits do you offer? Monthly cost to candidate? A brochure from personnel would be fine.  Health/Dental/Vision premium 75% paid by employer, 401k with 4% 1:1 match, profit sharing, Vacation, Holidays, short and long term disability

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