Search Assignment Questions (for Employers)

Job Order Questions

You want the best possible representation with our candidates. In order to provide you with that type of representation, we need to be informed. Good candidates ask tough questions.

Please answer the following questions, and e-mail, fax or phone the answers back to us. DO NOT WAIT TILL YOU HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION!! Just give the obvious quick answers. If you see questions to which you don’t know the answers, jot them down and answer them later.

1. What is the title of the position?

2. What are the three most important functional tasks this person will perform?

3. Background of successful hires? Why successful? The person who previously held the job?

4. Background of the person you seek?

5. Education required? Desirable? Minimum education?

6. Personality type which would fit in well?

7. What outcomes must be achieved in this position and within what time frame?

8. Promotional opportunity? Time frame?

9. What is the sizzle? Why would an outstanding person want this position?

10. Company details? Sales, growth last/next five years? Web site or other place where we can learn about company?

11. What industries do you serve? What is your position in these markets? What market factors affect your business, and what effect are they having lately, in the past, do you expect in the future?

12. Are there any companies from which you would not want to recruit because of special business relationships or such things? Where would you want us to recruit? What are the weaknesses of these companies which might make someone consider looking elsewhere?

13. Travel? (100% is four nights per week.)

14. Works with/Sells to: OEM, Industrial, Distributors, Engineers, Consumers, Retail, Executive??

15. What staff will this person have, and how will they fit into the organization?

16. People work for people. To whom will the candidate report, and what is their title? How long have they been with the company? What prior positions have they held? What is their educational background? What outside interests are they involved in? Why are they excited about working for the company? (Remember. Good Candidates ask tough questions.)

17. What makes this person a good boss?

18. Interview process? Who else interviews? Who makes hiring decision? Who makes offer?

19. When do you need this person to be on board?

20. How many people interviewed so far? Any offers extended? Results?

21. What other sources are you currently using to fill this position, and what other sources are you planning to use?

22. What are the weaknesses of your own company, and how do we overcome them?

23. Why don’t you fill this position internally?

24. Is there a specific individual you might want us to recruit on a very confidential basis? What are their name, company, and title?

25. How long have you been with the company? What prior positions have you held? What is your educational background? What outside interests are you involved in? Why are you excited about working for the company?

26. What sort of company benefits do you offer? Monthly cost to candidate? A brochure from personnel would be fine.

27. Compensation (Base, Bonus. Commission, when paid). (Target, Min, Max)

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