RESUME #4: A Process Engineer Who Went Into Sales and Is Open to an Even Better Opportunity


123 State Street, Any City, USA 11111

Phone: 000-111-1234


B.S. Chemical Engineer with successful sales and process engineering experience. Open for a good opportunity.


  • BS Chemical Engineering, Any State University, 6/95


  • 3.5/4.0


  • Single, 6’1”, 180 lbs., Excellent health, Active in outdoor sports, golf, and fishing. Rents, Relocatable.


6/98 – Present, ABC Composites Company, Sales Engineer, Anytown , USA

  • Sells composite parts made by a variety of processes, where sales are highly dependent on materials and processes used to make the parts. Handles entire Eastern US selling to OEM’s.
  • Achieved 25% increase in sales during severe recession.
  • Obtained business at Big Oil, Exxon, and EFIGH companies where company had long sought to do business.

6/95 – 6/98, Process Engineer, EFGHI Company, Anytown, USA

  • EFGHI is a maker of units containing filament wound parts.

6/97 – 6/98, Process Control Engineer for a Composites Part making facilities.

  • Did research related to bringing filament-winding operation in house.
  • Demonstrated that using competitive vendor could obtain lower costs than in-house winding.

6/95 – 6/97, Development Engineer

  • Promoted to Process Control Engineer
  • Reduced waste by 25% while increasing equipment utilization.

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