How to Ask and Answer Tough Interview Questions


Tell me about yourself.

Tell about your education, being specific about accomplishments. Describe each job you have held using examples of accomplishments and performance, not just repetitive job descriptions.


What kind of worker or student are you?

Are you organized?

Will you be a good performer?

Give the obvious answer backed up by personal experiences as proof.


Do not ask about benefits until an offer is made or until you feel an offer is imminent or if the company tells about benefits.  After all, benefits are part of the offer.

What size company do you prefer?

What do you like about being a composites engineer?

Be emphatic and specific, and relate your answer to your background and the job opening.


What salary do you desire?

Avoid answering the question until you feel an offer is likely to be made. This is a good time to ask additional questions which may have come up.

Consider writing “open” or “negotiable” on application blanks which ask for salary desired.

If you are working with Composites Sources, we will very likely have already given the employer a feel for your salary requirements based on what you have told us.

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