45137 Project Engineer Candidate

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality:

They… Have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and 5 years of Industrial FRP experience mostly involving filament winding. Have implemented cost effective design of FRP pipe,… Read More ›

#35173 BS / MS Mechanical Engineer, Superb GPA’s


#35173,  BS/MS Mechanical Engineer, Superb GPA’s. (RTM) and compression molding (BMC and SMC), SCRIMP, filament winding, Quality Management, Seeks position commutable from Newark, Delaware. $85K.

#36416 MS Organic Polymer Chemistry, Six Sigma Certified


#36416 MS Organic Polymer Chemistry, Six Sigma Certified, Eight years experience in formulation of epoxy resins for prepreg and other applications. Seeks MD, NJ, DE,… Read More ›

#40488 BS Chemist Quality testing


#40488 BS Chemist Quality testing, ASTM, gel time, NVM’s, SPI’s, viscosity. Technical service CCT. Great phone skills.  Handles self well on the phone.  Chicago $65K.