#42510 Sr. Sales Representative. Extensive electrical industry experience

Candidates, Sales, Marketing, Business Dev:

#42510 Sr. Sales Representative.  Extensive electrical industry experience.  Business degree.  Southwest currently but open.   Seeks $140K.

# 35315 BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering, Stress Engineer

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

# 35315,  BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering, Stress Engineer, Thesis is composites, 12 years experience, design, analysis, CAD, Unigraphics, manufacturing, knowledge in layup, autoclave processing, VARTM,… Read More ›

#35021 BS Mech Engr, Six years Post BS Experience

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

#35021 BS Mech Engr, Six years Post BS Experience.  Composite Materials engineer in structural design, materials selection and processing.  SolidWorks, CAD, ProMechanica FEA, RTM, Light… Read More ›

#40448 Engineering Manager, BS Mechanical Engineer

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

#40448,  Engineering Manager, BS Mechanical Engineer, Superb references, five years with one employer with involvement in both pultrusion and filament winding.  SolidWorks and other sophisticated composite design… Read More ›

#41657 PhD Engineering

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

#41657  PhD Engineering,  five years design and analysis of composite parts for aerospace.  Central Midwest .  Compensation competitive.  

#42586 Lead Engineer/Designer

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

#42586 Lead Engineer/Designer  for a manufacturer of industrial equipment via filament winding, dual laminates, pressure vessels and repair.  MS ME,  Seven years of experience.  Requires $90K.  Very relocatable.  

#43705 Design / Analysis Program Manager

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

#43705 Design/Analysis Program Manager,  BS ME from a good US University with four years post BS composite experience.  Making large composite items using infusion processing.  Strong interpersonal skills.   $60K.

#43886 PhD Mechanical Engineer

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

#43886 PhD Mechanical Engineer, ten years experience, ballistics related.  Thick section modeling, software development, vibration isolation, nano-materials, fabrication.

#35999 BS Mechanical Engr Tech

Candidates, Manufacturing:

#35999 BS Mechanical Engr Tech, two years composites experience, Prepreg Layup, Wet Layup, RTM, VARTM, Vacuum Bagging.  AutoCAD 14, Solid Works, Strong knowledge of PLC. Licensed Pilot. … Read More ›

#6016 MS and BS in Chemical Engineering, 15 years of experience

Candidates, Manufacturing:

#6016 MS and BS in Chemical Engineering,  15 years of  experience mostly in pultrusion.  Co-extrusion coating.  Thin-walled, thick-walled, Technical Management.  Great references.  $110K