Design, Analysis, Engineering

Candidate 45926 Design Engr, PE, composite pipe and tanks.

Design, Analysis, Engineering:

Candidate 45926 PE, Design Engineer Composite Pipe and Storage Vessels. MS Mechanical Engineering, and BS Mechanical Engineering. Has PE. Ten years of post BS experience… Read More ›

Lead Engineer Utility Products

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

Lead a group of several engineers. Design and configure composite products for utility industry. Must have experience with electric utility products. Will work with customers… Read More ›

Candidate 5757 Quality and Engineering Manager Oil and Gas

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

BS MS Mechanical Engineer with 3.8/4.0 GPA. 25 years of oil and gas and composite industry experience in quality and design engineering. Served as a… Read More ›

job #92296 Manufacturing/ Development Engineer

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

What is the title of the position?  Manufacturing/Development Engineer. What are the three most important functional tasks this person will perform? Development of new products, process… Read More ›

Candidate 44929 BS MET Product Development Candidate

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

Twelve years experience in pultrusion and RTM type processes. Large composite parts. Works well with customers and leads group in his company. Lives in Midwest. … Read More ›

45592 BS/MS Mechanical Engineer Candidate

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

BS/MS Mechanical Engineering Six years filament winding experience Large and small diameter products. Eleven years total experience. Will need about $130K. Will relocate for strong… Read More ›

44483 Sales/Mechanical Engineer, Sporting Equipment Experience Candidate

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Business Dev:

Candidate has BS ME with over a 3.0 gpa. Two and one-half years post BS Experience in Sales and Engineering for Industrial Mechanical Equipment. Captain… Read More ›

45178  Product Development Design Engineer – Candidate 

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering, Manufacturing:

They . . . –             Have a BS in Mechanical Engineering with 3.6/4.0 GPA –             Have three years of Design and Product Development Experience using… Read More ›

45137 Project Engineer Candidate

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality:

They… Have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and 5 years of Industrial FRP experience mostly involving filament winding. Have implemented cost effective design of FRP pipe,… Read More ›

45026 Design and Analysis Engineer Candidate

Candidates, Design, Analysis, Engineering:

They … –           Have a Masters Degree Aerospace Engineer, concentration in composite materials and 3 years of composite design and product development experience for high… Read More ›