JOB NUMBER #92343  POSITION TITLE Prepreg Operations Manager 

  1. What is the title of the position? Prepreg Operations Manager
  2. What are the three most important functional tasks this person will perform? 1) Technical support for new product introductions and troubleshooting of current products on prepreg machines. 2) Production schedule management 3) Training and development of production personnel.
  3. Background of successful hires? Extensive experience with hot-melt prepreg machines, strong mechanical aptitude, scheduling experience, training experience. Why successful? There are few companies in this market.  Previous experience is critical. The person who previously held the job? 25 years of experience working in aerospace prepreg market prior to joining Company in 2010.  Experienced with operations management, equipment design, engineering and training.
  4. Background of the person you seek? Someone with at least 10 years of experience working in an operations role in the prepreg industry.  Preferably a candidate who is no longer working at a competitor or subject to a non-compete agreement.
  5. Education required? Engineering degree is preferred but not required.  Consideration will be given based on experience.  Desirable? BS  Minimum education? HS for a strong candidate with extensive experience.
  6. Personality type which would fit in well? Servant leadership style with a desire to help others grow.  Someone who cares more about building a strong team around them rather than self-recognition. 
  7. What outcomes must be achieved in this position and within what time frame? Understanding of prepreg equipment operations.  Preferably within 6 months but no longer than 1 year.  Scheduling responsibility would be secondary, followed by training and development of others.
  8. Promotional opportunity? Growth within Company in Operations or Executive role Time frame? Difficult to project due to unforeseen variables.  The key is to be ready for an opportunity when it becomes available.  Growth comes in many forms.  It is not always titles.
  9. What is the sizzle? Company is projecting significant growth over the next ten years following an acquisition by (a multi-billion dollar company).  The business has a small business feel to it with large company resources. Why would an outstanding person want this position?  At the end of every day, the person can have an impact.  The person’s performance will not be lost in the mix.  As the company grows, so will opportunities for top management.
  10. Company details? Producer of high-temperature resins, adhesives and prepregs for aerospace markets, Revenue near $25M, 75% military applications.  Company is IP-driven with numerous single-source qualifications. AS9100 and NADCAP certified.    Sales, growth last/next five years? Signed a 10-year, single source LTA with a large OEM in December major military and commercial programs.  Significant growth is planned for the next 5 years.    Has this been achieved by buying other companies or by internal growth? Acquisition of company by major company is supporting growth through access to capital that could not have been realized through private entrepreneurial ownership.  Profits? Consolidated financials available publicly  How well are you financed? Company is working to an approved budget that meets the company needs. Web site or other place where we can learn about company?  We can provide this to qualified and sincerely interested Candidates.
  11. What industries do you serve? Primarily Aerospace. Relatively few competitors but company is currently much smaller than top competitors.  We are well-respected in the market from industry expertise, leading high-temp IP and responsiveness to customers.  What market factors affect your business, and what effect are they having lately, in the past, do you expect in the future? COVID has had a significant impact on the aerospace industry.  Specifically commercial aerospace.  Fortunately, Parent company recognized it as a short-term challenge.  Ownership continued to invest in capital and employees despite the downturn.  Projections for 2021 indicate a strong recovery.
  12. Are there any companies from which you would not want to recruit because of special business relationships or such things? None that come to mind but we need to be mindful of non-compete agreements.  Where would you want us to recruit, Major prepreg manufacturers. Less preferred but other companies include Isola, Nelco.  These are printed circuit board prepreg companies. What are the weaknesses of these companies which might make someone consider looking elsewhere? They are large enough that top performers can get lost in the shuffle.  More difficult to have an impact due to administrative red tape.
  13. Travel?  (100% is four nights per week.) None, unless there is a specific project to support. 
  14. Works with/Sells to? OEMs and fabricators as directed by OEMs.
  15. What staff will this person have, and how will they fit into the organization?  Currently two Line Supervisors and 10 other Prepreg Machine Operators.  Two Production Schedulers and 2 QC Technicians.
  16. People work for people.  To whom will the candidate report, and what is their title? President. How long have they been with the company? Over 15 years 2006 as part of the organization.  What prior positions have they held? Vice-President, General Manager, Director of Operations, Quality Manager.  Prior to joining organization? Outside Sales, VMI Manager, Six Sigma Black Belt, QC Engineer, Training and Development Manager, Production Supervisor.  What is their educational background? AS in Business Management, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification  What outside interests are they involved in? Family, Travel, Golf Why are they excited about working for the company? Actively been a part of growing the business for the past 15 years.   (Remember.  Good Candidates ask tough questions.)
  17. What makes this person a good boss?  Not a micro-manager.  Asks how he can support the leadership team.  Quarterly goal sheet reviews, weekly check-ins.  Reviews financials with top management.  Actively works to develop skills of the team.
  18. Interview process? Initially a phone interview for non-local candidates.  On-site for follow-up interview  Who else interviews? President, possibly someone from parent company and/or the former ownership of the company.   Who makes hiring decision? President Who makes offer? President
  19. When do you need this person to be on board? October 2021 works best but may have some flexibility beyond that.
  20. How many people interviewed so far? None.  Just starting the process.  We have not posted an ad.  We are working to recruit from the industry.
  21. What other sources are you currently using to fill this position, and what other sources are you planning to use? None at this time.
  22. What are the weaknesses of your own company, and how do we overcome them? Even though company is owned by a large company, it has a small business feel to it.  I view this as a strength but someone who prefers the culture of a large company may not like it.  Growth plans will change how company operates, so there is an opportunity to be a part of the change. 
  23. Why don’t you fill this position internally? The company is relatively young (est. 15 years ago) with the majority of growth occurring over the last five years.  We do not have any internal candidates with the right background or experience to fill the position.  That said, we want our leaders to always be working on succession planning.  The new Prepreg Operations Manager will have two Supervisors that can be developed for future growth.
  24. Is there a specific individual you might want us to recruit on a very confidential basis? No
  25. How long have you been with the company?  Fifteen years. 
  26. What sort of company benefits do you offer? Bi-weekly pay, vacation (longer than just 2 weeks for senior Candidates.) company paid short-term and long-term disability, company match 401k (Fidelity), HSA or PPO Health Plans, company seeded HSA contributions, profit sharing, 10 paid holidays.   Monthly cost to candidate? Varies depending on products selected. Can share this as we get further down the road.
  27. Compensation (Base, Bonus. Commission, when paid). (Target, Min, Max)   Competitive.  Bonus opportunity.

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