This is an important function in the support of our customers and growth of the company. In order to successfully operate and expand the business the following activities will be required in the engineering function:

– Communicate with suppliers, designers, fabricators and others in specification of the technical attributes necessary in the production process or in new product design.

– Evaluate product testing to assure performance within desired specifications and conformance to customer requirements for strength, deflection, fire, weathering, conductivity, water absorption or other tests as required to promote the sale of our products.

– Assist in the development of technical publications required to promote our products and educate customers on product attributes, features and benefits.

– Assist in the preparation and delivery of customer presentations and proposals requiring technical information.

– Evaluate specific customer installation requirements and determine the appropriate product and pole design for each application.

– Develop and maintain manual spreadsheets and automated product design tools and computer programs necessary to evaluate customer input data and specify the appropriate company product.

– Assist in the development of automated design tools and associated technical manuals for customer licensing and use in configuring and ordering company products.

– Input company product data and create libraries for commercially available product design software including those available industrially as dictated by customer use.

– Provide training for Product Standards and Design Engineers regarding the proper specification and use of company products.

– Participate in product installations with customer crews, as required, to educate and assist in the proper installation methods and considerations for company products.

– Provide technical support for the company fabrication operation as necessary to assure the proper fabrication and assembly to meet customer specs.

– Evaluate new products, materials and processes for consideration and adoption by company.

– Participate in industry organizations and stay current with business trends.

– Collaborate with Sales and Operations staff to identify and develop business opportunities.

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