1. What is the title of the position?

Lead Composites Engineer/Composites Engineer

  1. What are the three most important functional tasks this person will perform?

Composite part and laminate design, simulation and analysis

Material selection and layup design and specification

Process and tooling design

  1. Background of successful hires? Why successful? The person who previously held the job? New position, no previous hires in this role. Background of other successful hires include: Mechanical engineers – diverse backgrounds in machine design, medical devices and semiconductor fabrication Software engineers – diverse backgrounds in 3D CAD, robotics, electronics, motion control

Candidates and employees are successful here because of their diverse backgrounds and interests and ability to adapt to shifting needs. As a very small company, this is a very collaborative environment, and we all chip in as necessary to do whatever is needed at any point in time. We like to say that we hire for “T” shaped people. Folks with breadth across a wide variety of skills and experience, with depth in on main area of focus. For example, one of our 3D CAD software engineers is also skilled in electronics and is also doing PCB design.

We believe good breadth of skills and background is a good indicator of how collaborative a person is, and how adaptable they are.

  1. Background of the person you seek?

About 5 years of composite design experience.

Hands-on experience across all aspect of composites – design, simulation, analysis, process and tool design, fabrication and design for manufacturability.

  1. Education required? Desirable? Minimum education?

Degree in Mechanical or Materials Engineering. Graduate level is a plus, but not required.

  1. Personality type which would fit in well?

Must like a dynamic and diverse environment. Someone that gets along with everyone and many types of people that may not be like you. Open minded, and receptive of hearing ideas from others. Able to contribute to discussions openly and honestly, but always constructively.

Confident in their abilities, but understands that it’s all about the success of the team and project, not proving to us how smart you are.

  1. What outcomes must be achieved in this position and within what time frame?

Hit the ground running, and immediate be able to do the following:

– Work with VP of Business Development to get CAD geometry models and requirements from customers (good interaction with customers is a must)

– Design laminate, select materials, design/develop processing method

– Present design proposals internally and to customers, and incorporate feedback from all stakeholders

– Work with Head of Manufacturing to develop high volume fabrication process and methods

  1. Promotional opportunity? Time frame?

Currently a small 9 person company, but growing rapidly. In the near term, leading a small team of 2 junior composites engineers/technicians.

Longer term growing to lead larger team as the company grows (we expect to be 20+ people in 18 months).

  1. What is the sizzle? Why would an outstanding person want this position?

Company is working to fundamentally change how composite parts are made.

Traditional approaches either rely too heavily on manual processes or are too specialized to specific structures and applications. Company is doing for composites what CNC machining did for metals.

  1. Company details? Sales, growth last/next five years? Has this been achieved by buying other companies or by internal growth? Profits? How well are you financed? Web site or other place where we can learn about company?

Founded in October 2014, young 3 year old company.

Currently funded by venture investors. Just completed Series A funding, which will fund the transition from R&D into commercialization of our process.

We plan to start small volume production (100’s parts/mo) of commercial parts this fall, and ramp up to high volume production (1000’s parts/mo) early-mid next year. Will start to generate revenue this fall, and expect to be ‘break-even’ by the end of 2018.

  1. What industries do you serve? What is your position in these markets? What market factors affect your business, and what effect are they having lately, in the past, do you expect in the future?

Our first target market is Oil and Gas. We are already producing carbon fiber downhole tools for 3 customers in sample quantities and will be ramping up production as described above.

Over the next year we are pursuing projects in Sporting Goods, Consumer Products, and Aerospace.

Our long term goal is mass market Automotive. This is the strategic goal of the company, to deliver automated lines or work cells to OEM or Tier 1 or 2 auto companies for high volume structural parts.

  1. Are there any companies from which you would not want to recruit because of special business relationships or such things? Where would you want us to recruit? What are the weaknesses of these companies which might make someone consider looking elsewhere?

No companies to avoid.

We have seen many candidates form Aerospace companies, but find that in that work environment, roles are very specialized, and candidates don’t seem to have much breadth.

We have seen better candidates form Sporting Goods, or candidates that design and fabricate on their own, for hobbies, like car racing, boating, etc.

  1. Travel? (100% is four nights per week.)

Practically 0%, maybe going to 1 conference a year.

  1. Works with/Sells to: OEM, Industrial, Distributors, Engineers, Consumers, Retail, Executive??

Company sells preforms and parts to OEMs and Industrial companies.

  1. What staff will this person have, and how will they fit into the organization?

We have two positions open for this job.

1 Senior/Lead that would have managerial responsibility over two other team members.

1 Junior that would be a team member on the composites team

  1. People work for people. To whom will the candidate report, and what is their title? How long have they been with the company? What prior positions have they held? What is their educational background? What outside interests are they involved in? Why are they excited about working for the company? (Remember. Good Candidates ask tough questions.)

They would report to me, VP Engineering, Co-Founder of the company.

My background can be found on LinkedIn here: https

  1. What makes this person a good boss?

Track record of leading amazing teams at world class companies.

Empowers people to do great work. Puts a lot of trust and responsibility. Doesn’t tell them how to do their job. Give them a goal, and provides the resources needed. Provides honest and constructive feedback along the way.

Everyone I have worked with has become a personal friend.

  1. Interview process? Who else interviews? Who makes hiring decision? Who makes offer?

Initial phone screen with myself and our CEO.

We discuss our company our background, what we’re doing and what we’re looking for, then ask to hear about the candidate’s background, work history, specific projects, and what they are looking for.

  1. When do you need this person to be on board?

About 3 months ago.

  1. How many people interviewed so far? Any offers extended? Results?

About a dozen.

4 offers extended.

1 accepted but unfortunately had a sudden family illness that required him to withdraw.

  1. What other sources are you currently using to fill this position, and what other sources are you planning to use?

One other contingency recruiter working in Southern California, recruiting from Aerospace companies in Orange County and San Diego areas.

  1. What are the weaknesses of your own company, and how do we overcome them?

Young, startup company, can’t offer the stability or job security of an established company. The benefit is that we offer generous stock options with high growth potential. Employees share in the growth.

Cost of living in San Francisco Bay Area. We pay full market rate for this area, which means the base salary we offer will be higher here to compensate for the difference. We will cover all reasonable relocation expenses.

  1. Why don’t you fill this position internally?

We are growing the company from scratch and don’t have internal people to grow into the role.

  1. Is there a specific individual you might want us to recruit on a very confidential basis? What are their name, company, and title?

No, not specifically.

You were recommended to us by someone you  placed in the past.  If you do know him, his background is perfect for what we’re doing.

We tried to recruit him but were unable to get him away from his current position at Goolgle (X).

  1. How long have you been with the company? What prior positions have you held? What is your educational background? What outside interests are you involved in? Why are you excited about working for the company?

3 years, as Co-founder

Previously Principal Engineer at Pixar.

MS in Computer Science

  1. What sort of company benefits do you offer? Monthly cost to candidate? A brochure from personnel would be fine.

Market rate salary (for SF Bay Area)

Generous Stock Options.

Full benefits package – including Medical, Dental and Vision

We cover 100% of employee premium and 50% of spouse and family

  1. Compensation (Base, Bonus. Commission, when paid). (Target, Min, Max)

Senior: $135 – $155K plus Stock Options

Junior: $85 – $135K plus Stock Options

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