Lead Design Engineer Candidate needed quickly.

Engineer (BS ME or higher) with background in composites. (Scrubber tanks, columns.)  Visible slot where you will work directly with all company management and with customers like DuPont Company.  Must be able to take a set of parameters; capacity, flow rate etc, and design the vessel.  Processes used are filament winding, RTM, hand layup, and welding of thermoplastics to make vessel liners for use in dual laminate tanks.

This Candidate needs to know how to determine thickness, layup pattern and other parameters required for composite lids and sidewalls.  Need 5-10 years relevant experience in composites.  FEA is farmed out.

Will supervise Draftsmen who do drawings.

The Lead Engineer will also mentor a young, brilliant, Engineer with how to manage himself and do housekeeping on the engineering side of things.

Central East Coast, US location.   Probably not someone from West Coast.

Compensation.  We want to see everyone qualified, regardless of what they require since these Candidates are hard to find.  Relocation assistance provided.

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