Great place to live and raise a family.  Company has grown every year since its founding over fifteen years ago.  They have never had a downsizing and are currently enjoying a 2.5 year backlog with profits at an all-time record.  Company is entrepreneurially founded with a commitment to constantly innovate and grow.  Company management team is defining the next generation of products for their marketplace.  Several new product lines are in the final stages of development and launch.  They have an excellent team of technical and managerial members that work will together to serve a global customer base (Asia, US, Americas, entering Europe.)  The products go into a market that is predicted to grow for the next 35 years.  The president, to  whom you will report after a three month period, has a commitment to grow the company and its employees.  Manufacturing technology is patented.  Will lead a two-shift operation with 40-50 Staff members and Supervisors.  Must be a four-year degreed Mechanical or Industrial Engineer from a recognized and accredited university.  Must have ten years experience in composite manufacturing and be the kind of leader who is a good teacher for all team members.  Health coverage 100% paid.  Competitive compensation.


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