Composite materials emerging markets sales engineer based in California or Salt Lake City.

Requires technical experience in composite materials and five or more years of sales experience to the composite industry. Products are prepreg and other composite materials.

1. What is the title of the position? SALES ENGINEER,  CALIFORNIA, UTAH.

2. What are the three most important functional tasks this person will perform? 80% new business,  20% existing business. Sell matrix products (prepreg) and full line of composites products to  Emerging businesses like satellites, UAV’s, and self driving cars.

3. Background of the person you seek?

Engineering degree, min 5 yrs sales experience pref 10 yrs.  ME, ChE, Chem(maybe) Knowledge of use of prepreg to make composite parts. Knowledge of emerging markets would also be helpful..

4. Education required? BS Minimum  Any type engineering degree.

5. Personality type which would fit in well? Very good entrepreneurial skills,  Energetic.  Must have integrity.  If you say you will do it be sure to follow through.

6. What outcomes must be achieved in this position and within what time frame? First 6 months build relationships in plants.  Lot of competition out there.  First 3 mts learning things like how we do forecasting.

7. Promotional opportunity?  Time frame?  At least two years before promotion.  We need you in the field. Could move to product mgt, Sales development mgr., Maybe even VP Sales.

8. What is the sizzle?  Why would an outstanding person want this position?  Huge growth opportunity.  We have a big advantage because we are strongly vertically integrated.  We are not so well known in emerging markets, so this is an opportunity to go after new emerging market business as part of a three person team being hired to make that happen.Company details? 

9. Well over a 1$B dollar company.  Very well financed.  New President is eagerly pushing this process.

10. What industries do you serve?  Satellites, space, UAVs, flying cars.  Need not be all that strong in aerospace but its ok if you are.

11. Are there any companies from which you would not want to recruit because of special business relationships or such things?  Where would you want us to recruit?  What are the weaknesses of these companies which might make someone consider looking elsewhere? We know the answers to this question but choose not to provide the answers here.

12. Travel?  (100% is four nights per week.)  20-50% could expand as business grows.

13. Works with/Sells to:  OEM, Industrial, Distributors, Engineers, Executives

14 What staff will this person have, and how will they fit into the organization? Technical support Engineers, Customer Service, Pricing, Contracts, Matrix staff.

15, We want someone who wants to develop new business, not someone who needs to work existing business.

16. People work for people.  To whom will the candidate report? and what is their title? How long have they been with the company?  What is their educational background?  Why are they excited about working for the company?  (Remember.  Good Candidates ask tough questions.) Two levels up is VP Sales and Marketing,  Will directly report to new development director, who is being recruited now and will be located in SLC, WA or CA. 

17. What makes the VP a good boss?  Good reputation of partnering with other depts.

18. Interview process?  Initial contact will be with company recruiter in HR. VP will make hiring decision. Offer to be made by HR Manager. HR Mgr makes offer.  Reference checks by hiring manager.  Background check after the offer is made.

19. When do you need this person to be on board? ASAP but making sure person is good fit for the team.

20. Five Candidates have spoken with HR Recruiter and three with VP., but so far no offers.

21. So far Composites Sources is only outside recruiter working on the assignment.

22. What are the weaknesses of your own company, and how do we overcome them? We are new to the area of emerging markets.  We are excited about it.  Hiring 3 people. VP wants the right fit for his team.

23. Why don’t you fill this position internally?  Are looking internally, but internal candidates do not have sales experience.

24. How long have you been with the company?  Ten years and twenty with Honeywell, Allied Signal.. Why are you excited about working for the company? HR Recruiter has been there 10 years. Worked with CEO’s.  Previously with Honeywell Allied Signal.  At company,  Lot of integrity to do right thing.  Will listen to people’s ideas.

25. Company has provided us with a detailed description of the big company benefits. which are excellent.

26. Compensation (Competitive Base for the amount of sales experience needed, plus significant bonus.) Company car other appropriate benefits.

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